Druv and Tarun

Druv and Tarun

Dated : 09 Feb 2020

When Druv was 6 years old, an age of harmless mischief and endless fun for boys, he was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes. From a packet of endless energy and excitement, his life turned to one dictated by his blood glucose levels and availability of insulin. His life changed in an instant and he didn’t even know it.

Druv lives in Nabha, Patiala where his father works as a helper at a local shop. With the bare minimum income and three Type-2 diabetics in the house including the father and grandparents, making ends meet was very difficult as it is. The additional costs of insulin and other medical supplies dawned on his father as he did his best to provide for his child.

Little did Druv know that four years later, his younger brother, Tarun, would go through the same problems and symptoms as him. Tarun was just 5 years old when he was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes too.Their father was terrified for his only two sons as they both fought everyday to survive. Both brothers had poor growth and blood sugar controls as medical supplies including insulin were a luxury. They hadn’t visited their doctor or conducted any blood tests for the last 3-4 years. Financial limitations were daunting for both the father and his sons who suffered from poorly controlled diabetes. They couldn’t follow up treatment or check their blood sugar levels regularly as they had to ration what little medical supplies they could afford.

After no communication with their doctor for over 3-4 years, they receive a call. To their relief, donations to the ACT-D society were used to save a lot of pain and suffering for these young boys who are now 14 and 9 years old.

We, at ACT-D hope that we can continue to support them till they are self-dependent and earning members of their house. We also hope that the help they have received today will go a long way in giving then a happier and healthier childhood that every child deserves.