Fear and Acceptance: A Parent's journey with T1D

Fear and Acceptance: A Parent's journey with T1D

Dated : 03 Dec 2020
Life is all about ups and downs but the most important thing which makes the life going on is the hope. 

At the age of one year, my daughter, Ananya got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (31st Dec 2014). She went into shock (Diabetic ketoacidosis) due to high blood glucose levels 921mg/dl and was in ICU for 5days. 

No doubt, it was a very shocking incident for me and my family but the good part has been "THANK GOD, THANK YOU INSULIN". Being diagnosed at the right age, my daughter will grow with T1D and with time she will become habitual to its management. 

It's nobody's fault. Like all other parents, we too were also finding an answer to "Why has it happened to our daughter?" My heart was sinking into guilt thinking that "Did i do something wrong during my pregnancy or during her infancy?" But the truth is that cause is unknown. It's an autoimmune disorder. 

Till yesterday, life was something else. And today, life has to start with an insulin prescription and a diet chart in hand along with lots of management queries in mind. 

But acceptance to this situation is very essential as the management part is far more important than any other issue.