Dated : 01 Dec 2020

Navi Kumar was diagnosed with T1D two years ago when he was seven years old. He lost a lot of weight during that time. With only Rs. 1000, he went to a private doctor for medication where his sugar level was found to be significantly high and fell  unconscious. 

Navi was provided with insulin pens and a glucometer. His treatment amounted to 10-15 thousand rupees which he wasn't able to afford. Poverty compelled him to stop taking insulin which only deteriorated his fragile condition, leading him to being unconscious again. After this, though he did resume injecting insulin, the usage was irregular. He also suffered from lipo hypertrophy. 

The unfortunate occurrence of weakness, vomiting, loose motion, high sugar level continued as he remained sick, causing Navi a near-death experience that ended in the emergency room. Fortunately,  he survived through a doctor at PGI who was instrumental in suggesting ACT1D to Navi that helped him significantly.