Dated : 12 Jan 2020

At an age when parents expect their child to play with lego, forge lifelong friendships, and start schooling, it was a grim phase when in 2015 Simran’s parents had to make peace with the fact that their four year old daughter will battle diabetes (T1D) for life. It is when Simran had excessive urination, unwarranted weight loss, extreme thirst, sudden seizures and burning fever, that she was taken to check her sugar level which was found to be a staggering 550-600mg/dl. 

Simran lives in Kaithal and was taken to three different clinics after which her parents reached PGI. A doctor at PGI provided medication to her for 15-20 days, discharging them with a  prescription of four injections of NovaRapid and Lantus per day. 

While there exists medication for T1D, it is imperative to acknowledge that not everyone is able to afford it. Simran’s father is a laborer who himself suffers from Type 2 Diabetes.  He could only afford to buy two injections per day for Simran. To make ends meet, Simran’s father got in touch with an MLA in Kaithal, after which the hospital through a contact approached ACT1D for assistance. Through ACT1D, he was not only given medicines at his visit to PGI but also was counseled about diabetes; however, his poor memory and emotional vulnerability  hindered the process.

It was Simran’s father’s unfamiliarity with the disease that caused Simran to vomit and have  loose motion. A doctor at PGI educated Simran’s father on diabetes management. Today, with consistent support by doctors and increased efficiency in management, Simran (9-years-old) has been able to battle five years of T1D successfully. It is through getting associated with ACT1D that Simran got the medication and information she needed.